Sunday, April 7, 2013

15 Minute Meals: Koh Samui Salad

I've been reading a couple of other blogs in Australia and the UK, people who are doing what I'm doing, cooking Jamie's recipes.  It's interesting to compare experiences.  This Thai salad didn't seem to be getting a good rep, so I thought I'd try it for myself.

330. Koh Samui Salad - Chilli Tofu & Thai Noodles (Jamie's 15 Minute Meals page 162)

Up front, this one has all the flavours I typically love: sesame oil, chile, ginger, garlic, basil, cilantro, mint, & lime.  So taking my time, I set to work assembling all of the various ingredients on the counter.  In the process, I ended up shelling a partial bag of peanuts I found in the cupboard, which in itself took 15 minutes!  LOL Once I had the stuff for the dressing in the processor, and the nuts & seeds measured into the frying pan, I left it all and went down to the park for a while with the dogs.  When I got back, all I had to do was soak the rice noodles, turn the pan on under the nuts, turn the processor on, change the blade to a fine slicer and put through all my veg: radishes, carrots, cucumbers, fennel, & cabbage.  Once I assembled the salad in a large bowl and scrunched the veggies into the dressing, I opened my tetra pak of tofu, sliced it up, and put it atop the salad.  I sprinkled everything with the nut mixture, and added a dollop of sweet Thai chili sauce to finish it off.

Instead of shrimp (prawns), I opted to quickly pan fry a small trout filet and eat it on the side.  I made enough salad for 2 (I halved the recipe) but it was still way more than I could imagine eating in one sitting.  I took a quarter of it, and half the trout, and called that dinner.  I found that it was a little bland....the rice noodles added to the veg really toned the flavours down too much for my liking.  I'm also not a big fan of raw tofu like that, I prefer a firmer tofu to be pan fried, or a silken tofu to be used in a dessert. 

When eating the left overs, I spiked the salad with more of the delicious Thai chili sauce.  The flavours really intensified after sitting for a day or two.  This is a real winner that I will definitely be making again!

The nutritional breakdown from the back of the book, for Jamie's one serving, is as follows:

680 cal
26.2 g fat
4.3 g sat fat
17.2 g sugar

For my smaller portion, it worked out to approx. 340 cal and 13 g fat.  Of course, then you have to add the trout..........if you haven't guessed, I'm back on my weight loss journey again.  I'm hoping to lose another 20 pounds by the end of this summer.  I'm glad that Jamie included these breakdowns, because now I can choose which recipes to prepare or what portions to eat based on the values provided.  :)

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